How To Get a Virtual Credit Card

You can skip to any section you want to know about incase you are done with other sections.

A] To create an account

-Type website and click on login.
- look below login and you will see (Don't have an account? Register now). You click on register now
- fill all the information correctly, then tick the box below that says, I have agreed with terms
- after filling everything, click on register now and you will be asked of a given code sent to the email you provided
- go to your email, check the code and enter it and complete registration process. The next thing is to verify your KYC.


B] To verify your KYC

You must submit your KYC after creating your account else you won't be able to do anything with it.

- after creating your account
- click on "KYC Verification"
-fill all the information asked correctly and submit. Make sure you enter correct information, else it will be rejected.
-after filling the KYC form, submit it and wait for it to be verify within 24hrs maximum. Check back after 24hrs.
- after KYC has been verified, the next thing to do now is to add deposit or funds so you can create your virtual card.


C] To add funds/ deposit

After KYC verified,
- click on "add money" found on the menu
- enter amount. Take note of limit below while adding amount.
- click on confirm after entering amount
-it will take you to a page with instructions written. Follow instructions to get the deposit complete
- for manual payments, read the instructions and use the information provided to make payments
- make sure you pay exact amount as shown on " Total Payable Amount"
- upload the full screenshot and email as asked an click confirm payment
- wait for few hours for it to be approved if it is manual payment.
- check back from time to time and when approved, you will see money in your damascards account.
- it's now time to create your card.


D] To create your virtual credit card 💳

- after deposit has been approved, click on "Virtual Card" found on the menu
-you will see an arrow telling you to create customer.
- click on create customer and create your customer by filling everything with valid information.
- anywhere you don't have valid information, put "null"
- after creating customer, still click again on "Virtual Card" and you will see an arrow directing you to create a new card
- click on "Create a new card"
- fill the information asked and click add
- if everything fill correctly, after clicking on add, wait for sometime and your card will be generated automatically
- after card generated, you can view card or fund card or even withdraw from card.

For any question or help,  get to the Whatsapp support by clicking the button found on the bottom right page of